Putting above ground pool on uneven concrete (pavers) How do I cushion?


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Apr 16, 2020
Orlando Florida
What would be the best and affordable thing to put under our pool to cushion the bottom and prevent the un-even paver corners from cutting into it. I live in central Florida so it will need to withstand hot humid conditions.
It is a 16 Ft by 48 above ground metal frame structure pool.
The concrete area is 18x18.
I also have concern over my dog possibly cutting into the liner when jumping in or out. She is a husky/wolf and can definitely make the jump. Do you think the liner will hold up on the sides around the top or is there something we can do to help?
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Aug 6, 2011
Virginia Beach
I've used 1/4" fanfold insulation in the past between the dirt and my liner. 2 bundles covered the area under my 18' pool. Home Depot/Lowes has it for about $50 per bundle.