Purify Non-Potable Water for 300gal Dunk Tank


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May 10, 2017
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My company is ordering a dunk tank for a company celebration next week; we'll take donations for charity in exchange for a chance to drunk the CEO.

The building has informed us the only water source is non-potable. To be clear, we don't intend to drink or hangout in this water, but our CEO may be spontaneously submerged, as one would expect with a dunk tank.

We've looked into having water delivered but it's very expensive and the drunk might not be able to get up to the roof of our parking garage (where we're hosting the event). We've also researched having pool cleaners come but they have told us to treat the water with pool chemicals would require a filtration system, etc.

I read online somewhere we could add some 35% hydrogen peroxide to the water and that would make it safe...?

Looking for recommendations to make 300 gallons of "non-potable" water safe to be dunked in for a few minutes that won't sicken our CEO or harm his skin/clothes... Thanks!


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Jan 6, 2010
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Non-potable why?

Is it reclaimed wastewater that comes from a purple pipe and is used for landscaping? If so, it's already safe. If it's marked non-potable for something else dissolved in it, like Arsenic or whatever, I haven't a clue.

If you want to play it safe, drinking water is limited to 4 ppm Chlorine. That's less than 1/4 cup of standard household bleach in 300 gallons. If you want to be supersafe, fill the tank a few days early and dose it every day. It might warm up a little too. Just don't let it build and build or you might bleach clothes.


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May 19, 2010
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I agree with Richard ... what makes the water non-potable? If it is just because of some organic contamination, chlorine could take care of that. But, if there is some other chemical contamination, not sure what to suggest.

Really, swimming pool water should be considered non-potable too due to some of the chemicals often added to it. There are lots of threads discussing whether pool was is safe to drink in emergencies ... and I think the conclusion was only as an absolutely last resort.


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Mar 2, 2011
The building has potable water. They can figure out a way to get it where it needs to go.


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Jun 7, 2011
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I think James has it. Or if it's that hard to get that water up there, move the tank closer to the source from the building.


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Mar 2, 2011
Don't they have a garden hose that they can use?

There's got to be a way to do it that's not too difficult.

Sounds like the building maintenance person just didn't feel like doing it so they said it couldn't be done.
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