Pureline cartridge filter, poor quality?


Jun 1, 2019
Howdy everyone, I just replaced my OEM Hayward cartridge filter with a Pureline from inyopools. It was only about $15 cheaper than another Hayward OEM. At first glance it looked very similar in construction but upon further inspection I noticed that about 20% of the filter pleats are spread out and have very big gaps in them so the filter is not consistent all the way around. This seems like poor quality construction to me, compared to the Hayward OEM I replaced. Am I being too picky? I attatched a couple photos of the pureline filter.

follow up question, Is there a good thread discussing preferred cartridge filter brands? Thanks!



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May 3, 2014
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Looks fine to me. I have never replaced ours yet since new. 6 years this year.

I have not seen a thread dedicated to cartridge filters. Most state they use Pleatco brand. But I am sure the Inyopools brand is fine too.
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