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May 3, 2008
rock springs, wi
As we all know, there are numerous sites on the internet that sell AGP's and accessories. Is there any consensus as to whether purchasing a pool online is a good or bad idea? These sites have been around for years so I asume people are purchasing pools online. My plan would be to do the install myself, and I am pretty mechanically capable, but I have no epxerience with pools. Are these pool kits relatively easy to set up for first timers, or should I anticipate problems stemming from parts that do not fit, shoddy instructions, missing parts, etc. ( I am currently looking at a Diamond Star pool from Sunenterprises orNationwide Pools.

I have heard that oval pools w/o butresses can be pretty difficult to install. Any thoughts on that? If this is something better left to the pros, then so be it. But I am wondering how many successful self installed pools are out there?

I am aware that the excavation is very important, which is unrelated to the pool kit itself. I am still working on that issue (hiring out or rent equipment and do it myself) I have always wanted a transit level and this would be a good excuse to buy one.
My AGP build

I purchased my pool on the Internet in February, and this is my experience. Bought from almontpool.com a Sharkline 15x30 buttress free. By far, the hardest part of the whole experience was leveling the ground. I hired a contractor to dig out part of the hill, and level to within 2 inches. I did that last 2" by hand and what a chore that was! It sure got me in shape though. I used a water level to get it almost perfect. (clear vinyl tube with colored water and lines to mark the same level on each end)

The assembly I did mostly by myself, no help. I only needed help with the wall, and liner. The buttresses were some work, but nothing difficult. Digging them in and level was more work. Hauling 5 tons of sand from the driveway even using an ATV and garden trailer was a lot work!

So it was more work than I thought. But I'm glad I did it. Its almost finished too. Just need some final PVC plumbing parts before the kids can go in that cold water. Saved a ton of $$ too and it was done right.

One problem I did have was missing some SS screws. After 5 phone calls, I bought them myself on the Internet ($22 later). Almont had a difficult time getting their pool vendor to send the parts.

I am sure glad I found this forum though. Almost all the questions I had were answered in previous posts. If not, I asked them here and got great answers. Thank you TFP!

Jason M


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Apr 16, 2007
I did my 24' round pool with lots of colorful words... but it was well worth it and up to my standards.

Here she is.

I didn't buy it online but had my local pool guy order it and we installed... I was forewoman. :twisted: I can tell you I worked on it for 4 days 10 hours a day till it was done and full.


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Apr 8, 2007
Waaay NW MN
We ordered our buttress free oval online and installed ourselves. I would say that levelling is the biggest stresser. It was work, but not brain surgery, just work. We didn't rush and made sure it was right. I was a PITA to my hubby because I wanted everything to the letter with levelling and we are glad we did it that way. We saved a LOT of money doing it ourselves and are very proud of our work. Our last pools were all bought from pool stores and we paid more for an 18' round with a woefully small sand filter than we did for our big pool with a very good filter, pump, etc., online. We didn't know any better how to shop around and what to look for.


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Jul 23, 2007
pacific nw
We purchased a 27 ft. round agp in spring of last year from aqua superstore/ good service from them but poor quality shipping from the shipping company, the boxes were in bad shape so i refused it & recieved another shipment in good shape within 2 weeks. Our experience has been that the price isn't always reflective of the quality/plus i'm not willing to shell out $$$ that are getting up to an inground, surrounding decking makes a huge diff. Many of the liners are interchangable between less expensive & pricier agp models. We spent our whole 2 weeks vacation last year digging & leveling, i saw dirt & little rocks in my dreams. If you're handy you can do it on your own, leveling, smoothing the underneath of pool dirt, good drainage are all key. I'd also advise having a good supply of Coronas handy! We found it to work better for us just to buy the shell of the pool & get pump/filter/accessories separately as well..good luck!
Jul 9, 2007
We purchased our pool last year on line from familypoolfun.com. Customer service was good the only thing is it took about 4 weeks before we received it. We installed it all ourselves, meaning me, husband, father, brother & brother-in-law. We had to do alot of leveling, dug down about 6 ft. to get level. We did get the pool up and going within 1 day once the ground was level. Took longer to fill, 30' round. We saved tons of money doing it ourselves and we learned alot along the way. There is tons of info on the internet about installing a pool yourself. We really knew nothing about pool and are still learning alot. I found this site when searching last year and got alot of my questions answered here. Good luck with everything.


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Jan 23, 2008
Burbank, IL
I didn't get my pool online, but I did get EVERYTHING else. Had real good luck finding good prices on good equipment and not having to pay sales tax really feels good. I even got a filter that was on clearance (half price) because it had been installed and the owner didn't like it so it was returned. It has been working exceedingly well.

I didn't have any real problems with any of the vendors I dealt with online.