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Jul 25, 2020
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We are in the process of building our first pool. We are going the owner/builder route with the assistance of a neighbor who has done three or four pools already. We're relying on his expertise for pretty much everything but would like some advice/guidance when it comes to the pool plumbing and equipment. My son has an underlying health issue so its extra important to my wife that we keep the pool crystal clean. We are gong with Pentair equipment because of good pricing. The pool is just a basic 16X32 rectangle with no spa or heater, approximately 19,200 gallons using a SWCG. Any specific suggestions on Pentair pool equipment? I have listed below what I think we need. The only item I am not sure of is the specific size of the the pump. I don't want to go overboard due to the high cost of electricity in So Cal.

My second concern is the number of skimmers/returns for the pool. From what I have read two skimmers sound better than one? My 15 year old son put together the attached plumbing diagram. Looking for confirmation on the placement and number of skimmers/returns in the pool. The prevailing wind direction looking at the diagram is right to left but we live in So Cal so we can have extended periods of Santa Ana Winds which will blow left to right. Trying to achieve a counter clockwise rotation.


Pentair VS Pump (not sure on specific one)
Pentair Clean & Clear Plus 320 Filter
Pentair IntelliChlor IC40 SWG

Any thoughts on adding a UV system? I have read mixed reviews on the benefits of these.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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With that setup, make sure the suction lines are one size larger than the return lines. My suggestion would be 2.5" suction lines and 2" return lines.

Also with two skimmers, you could skip the MD.

As for a VS pump, the Intelliflo 011056 is a good choice.
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