Pump Upgrade

Nov 25, 2014
My old pump is starting to make bearing noise. I think it is a good time to up grade to a Variable Speed pump. The pump I was thinking about was the Hayward Super Pump VS. Has any one had any had any experience with this pump? I don't think I want to Upgrade to an external controller as used in some applications. I will be using the normal external timer for on/off.


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May 7, 2007
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That pump gets good reviews from users posting here. How good a deal it is economically somewhat depends on your electrical rates. At $0.15/kWh or higher it should be a clear win, but at lower electrical rates it only saves you money in some situations.


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Jun 16, 2014
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I just picked up a SuperPump VS(SP2600VSP) for $650 delivered, but note that it's considered a discontinued model.

It's being replaced by the SP2602VSP which has more advanced timing control.
The 2602 does not need an external timer for start and stop control like the 2600 does.

Like you, I already had an external timer for my old superpump so the 2600 is just fine for me. I see the 2602 costing around $150 more and I'm told they're not available for shipment yet