Pump Upgrade Consensus Needed


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Aug 15, 2017
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Have a 32k gunite free form with large sand filter. The pump is a single speed Hayward super pump SP2607X10 three years old. I want to upgrade the back end with a V-Green 2.7hp and obviously I would also need to upgrade the wet end impeller/ diffuser to the Hayward SPX1621C/SPX1616B combo to match the hp. Shaft seal will be US seal mfg p/n ps-200. Called inyopools and they think this is too powerful and too big of a jump and don't recommend. Pool is all 11/2" all throughout with 3 returns and 1 skimmer and a defunct main drain which may get opened again. If this makes a difference, equipment pad is located 4.5 ft below deck height. My thinking is this will be a variable speed set up so how can this be too powerful if the upgrade is to run at lower rpms 7/24 .......insight needed, thanks in advance.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I can't see how it could be "too powerful" as it is a variable horsepower pump.. Just set the speed/HP to the task at hand..

I have two rent houses that have 1.5" plumbing and they both have 3 HP IntelliFlo pumps. They have been working perfectly for over 10 years...

The whole point of having a VS pump is to be able to run slowly and save of the electrical bill..


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