Pump turns off, but breaker and gfi aren't flipped

Mary Lee

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Apr 23, 2020
I recently had solar heat installed for my pool, SolarTouch Controller w/Comm Cable, my pump is a Pentair variable speed pump, pool is inground. Since install, after running with no problem for several days, the pump and controller shut down(no power, lights are off) I checked breakers, no problem there, all the GFIs in the house, no problem there. I did get it to turn back on, not sure how but one thing I did was turn the breaker off for a couple hours. This has happened 3 times since installation om March 31, so about once a week. I'm not an electrician, so I don't know who to call, solar install company, electrician, pool guy...I would appreciate any help/advice.


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Mar 21, 2020
Cabool, Mo
I suspect you have a breaker issue. Maybe a bad breaker, maybe just a loose wire terminal building heat.
If you are going to call someone, the pool guy is your best choice, because he will look farther than that if need be. Electrician will stop at the wire connection to the equipment and tell you to call a pool guy.
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Dec 13, 2018
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I will second RDspaguy's diagnosis.

Possibly what is happening is that as the pump is running, the heat is building up on the wire due to the current draw. If there is a loose connection, this heat is causing expansion, which may lead to an open electrical connection.

Some troubleshooting steps:
1. Turn off all your pool equipment in a safe manner.
2. Turn off power to the panel that the breaker for the pump is in.
3. Take the cover off the panel that the breaker for the pump is in.
4. Verify the panel that the breaker for the pump is in is de-energized using a known good electrical testing meter (test it beforehand on a live power source to make sure it is working).
5. Once you have verified the panel is de-energized, examine the wires from the pump to the breaker. Do they look/feel loose or is there corrosion? Does the breaker feel loose? If there are any loose connections (like the 2 wires going to the breaker, tighten them). You may need to replace the breaker (GFCI breakers are expensive, so make sure it is bad before replacing).
5. Make sure all the breakers and wiring are installed properly and will not be pinched when installing the cover.
6. Close the panel that the breaker for the pump is in.
7. Turn on power to the panel that the breaker for the pump is in.
8. Turn on all your pool equipment in a safe manner.
9. Check to see if pump stays running.


If the above troubleshooting does not work, the other possible cause is that there is control board issue on the pump.


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May 13, 2012
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Check to make sure your strainer isn't getting filled with debris. The Pentair variable speed pump has a feedback to detect a blocked drain. As if someone got their hair sucked into the drain and the pump would sense it and automatically shut off. Just a thought.

I haven't got around to installing the Solar Touch I bought a few years back so can't help you much there.
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