Pump sucking air


Apr 4, 2017
Alligator, MS
Hi, bought a home last November with a 15 by 35 fiberglass 22,500 gallon pool. Found TFP for advice on water chemistry and have a sparkling clear pool. Problem I'm having is with the pump sucking air. There's been a few times basket runs full but most of the time it's not. I've looked all around lid and basket housing for leaks or cracks when I shut pump off and can't find anything. It's a 1 hp motor and sta-rite 240 sand filter. Impeller is clean. Any advice? Thanks


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
Just did now thanks. Sometimes it will run full for 20 seconds and then fill with air.
Does it surge? That's a good sign your water level is too low, either because it's low in general or because the skimmer weir is sticking. Take a look inside the skimmer and check for a vortex. What happens is that the pump primes, gets going so well that it sucks the water out of the skimmer, loses prime, stops pumping, which allows skimmer to refill, it primes, gets going good.... and so on.

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