Pump Speed For Backwashing Sand Filter


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Aug 16, 2020
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I'm running my two speed Hayward 1.5hp pump on low speed 24/7. About every two to three weeks, despite no visible rise in the roughly 5psi filter pressure drop reading, the flow falls off to effectively nothing. If I then put the pump on high speed, I get good flow again. Once I backwash the filter it's good on low speed for another 2-3 weeks. Does this seem normal?

Also, should I be backwashing my sand filter with the pump on low or high speed? On high speed I see sand in the sight glass and the sight glass leaks a little bit. I also get a little bit of sand out the discharge pipe. Which makes me wonder if I should be just using low speed for backflush.


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May 3, 2007
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You should always backwash on high speed. Also, when determining when to clean a filter, use the high speed filter pressure and clean the filter after a rise of 25%. Low speed filter pressure is not very accurate.

What size is your pool and what size is your filter?

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