Pump Settings


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Apr 17, 2018
overland park, ks
We just bought a house with a Pentair intelliflo 2 vst and I am trying to find a table that shows me the GPM based on different RPMs. I know that there are variables but I am trying to only run the pump at the minimums. My heater needs 40 GPM so I trying to find the lowest RPMs I can use.


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Mar 26, 2014
San Jose, CA
It really depends on a number of factors. The size pipe you have, the amount of head, the size of your pump. Probably others as well that I'm not aware of. I recently redid my equipment pad last year and I installed my own VSP (Hayward Tristar 1.5 HP). I also installed a Flo-vis flow meter that calculates my water flow at the different RPMs. I used 2" PVC everywhere above my equipment pad. From my calculations, at 1750 RPMs, my water was flowing at 38 GPM. At 2000 RPMs, it was 42 GPM. So, that may be a starting point for you somewhere in between or maybe just a bit higher. A dirty filter might slow the flow rate down as well as the pressure builds.