Pump Scare


Jun 29, 2019
Pahrump NV
In June we installed a pentair 1 and 1/2 horse variable speed pump and allowed it to operate on its default setting of 2 hours high speed in the morning, and I run it at 8 am, then slow speed the rest of the day until 8 p.m. when it runs another 2 hours on what I'm think of is the circulating speed. It then shuts down for the rest of the night.

Last night I went out to watch the vacuum operate and noticed immediately that the pump was off. The digital display was blank, I checked the breakers and they were fine. This was about 20 minutes before 10, when it would ordinarily shut off.

So I got to concern myself as to whether I had an expensive problem cropping up. The pump is still in warranty, being less than two months old. But there's always the cost of an electrician or plumber to disconnect and reconnect.

this morning I went out and tried to start it manually by pressing the on-off button and the quick cleanse button. Nothing, dead as a doornail. then lo and behold, 8 a.m. and it's working perfectly. Any ideas as to what's going on there?

And I should say, it was as usual this time of year well over a hundred degrees yesterday and will be the same today. I will find a way to give it some shade.


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
If you find it "dead as a doornail" again confirm that the unit is connected properly and power is being supplied to the unit.
If you are not experienced with this process you should find an electrician to assist in the diagnosis.
If the pump will not power up, but is properly connected and power is being supplied to the unit then notify Pentair for warranty replacement.
I hope you saved the box.


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Sep 30, 2018
Wichita KS
I had something similar when installing my Hayward VS pump. I found that the small 5 wire connection from the pump circuit board to the display circuit board had a loose connection. Drove me and the electrician doing the wiring install crazy. We tried a different CB, checked continuity on the wiring, made sure everything was grounded properly and that the pump actually had power, then I decided on a whim to take the control panel off of the pump and found the loose wire. I'm not sure how the Pentair pumps are set up, but worth a shot.