Pump running for only a few seconds.


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Feb 9, 2021
Melbourne Australia
Hi all, my pool was standing for a year. We emptied it sealed some cracks, resurfaced it and filled it again. Looking great. Went to start the pump and it fired up, but only ran for a couple of minutes before switching off again. I had to wait about 15 mins before it would come on again, but same, started for a short while and then stopped again. I took the pump off, opened it up and cleared the impeller. There was a piece of hard plastic debris which I thought may have been stopping it. It started again and ran for a while whilst I was trying to clear the air out of the system. However it stopped again. This time I checked the capacitor which seems fine, and made sure there is no corrosion stopping the spin. When I started it again today it first worked for a few seconds, then made some clicking noises, and then switched off. I’m thinking of buying a new pump, but before I do, any input and advice would be welcome.

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Probably the best thing you can do to help us is address the following:
- What type of pump is it? Can you post a pic of the motor label?
- How old is the motor?
- You mentioned that you checked the capacitor? How did you do that? Visual, continuity, etc?

With a little more info we should be able to help. I'll tag @JamesW who may have some advice as well. Cheers!
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