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reindeerboy said:
Does anybody swim in the pool without running the pump? Does that really matter?

I usually like to run the pump while we are in it anyway so our pump run time is a bit more when we are swimming in it and thats mostly on the weekends while during the week its after work and we run it during that time anyway.

I would like to know what others are doing?
we tend to turn the pump off when we are in it. mostly because we are usually listening to a baseball game or music on the radio, and the noise from the pump gets annoying. then we'll just crank 'er back up when we get out.


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May 27, 2008
Jamestown, ND
Interesting. :goodjob: Our pump is really quiet and its about 40 feet away from where the pool is so I dont hear our pump running at all so thats not really an issue for us. :-D

I know you can swim in it without it running, but my personal preference is not too as the oils/bather loads tend to be a bit high and I like using a skimmer sock and it catches all the grime from everyone before it goes through the filter.

I also took Jasons comments and found that for our size of pool, weather ect, I found about 6-8 hours in the spring and then 10-12 hours in the hot summer is perfect for our conditions here in ND. Electricity is not too bad here but I still like to cut costs if its not necessary and I also think its a bit easier on the pump not running during the hotest parts of the day as well! :wink:


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Jul 15, 2007
Summerton, SC
@ Sabot - here is my guess. If you know your GPM of your pump, then multiply that times 60 to get the GPH. Divide your total water to turn over by that number to get the number of hours required.

For example: If you pump is rated at 50 GPM, that's 3000 GPH. If your pool water capacity is say 13,500 then 13,500 / 3000 = 4.5 hours.

I've been adjusting my run time after some comments in this thread and now have it down to about 11 hours a day.


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Feb 28, 2008
North East
First year with the pool, i am experimenting with time also. I have run it as little as 2 hours a day during no usage and kept very clear water. I have to say my chemistry is dead on, that may help also. I see the best water after running it for 4 - 5 hours daily for a week, with perfect weather. As stated earlier, just keep a log!

Good Luck!


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Aug 2, 2007
Austin, TX
Just to confirm my silly math:

20,000 gal pool / 80 GPM / 60 = 4.2 hours of run time to turn over pool one time.

1 turn: 4.2 hours
2 turns: 8.2 hours
3 turns: 12.6 hours

(I am using a Blue-White F300 Pilot Tube flowmeter.)

I am spending around $200 a month to run the pump for 12 hours. Starting this week, I cut the run time to 11 hours and soon more cuts to follow. I am now looking into a pump can save me some money. Right now, I am looking at the IntelliFlo VS 3050 with a SunTouch Solar Control System. (Anyone have feedback on this combo or can recommend another similar setup?)


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May 25, 2007
Sabot said:
Just to confirm my silly math:

18,000 gal pool / 80 GPM / 60 = 4.2 hours of run time to turn over pool one time.

1 turn: 4.2 hours
2 turns: 8.2 hours
3 turns: 12.6 hours
18000/80gpm= 225 minutes to turn the pool over. 225/60= 3.75 hours per turnover, 7.5 for 2, 11.25 for 3.