Pump run time and Output percentage


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I have my Aqua Trol up and running and am curious what others are setting for pump run time and Chlorine generation output percentage since I haven't "dialed in" mine yet. I've gone too high and am now too low. I suppose I'll catch it sooner or later.

I'm in full sun with light swim load.

27' AG, 16,500g
Alk 200
ph 7.6
Chl .5
CYA 60
CH 100
Salt 3100



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Apr 22, 2008
Hello Steve
First with your output i would set it at 50% and then and then check FC for a couple of days and adjust from there, this of course will depend on your pump run time.


If you read this sticky in pool school it will probally help answer some your questions, i think most people run there pump for about 8 hours . Also your ta is too high.


So check that link also, in fact a good place to start is to check out all of pool school and then if you have more questions you can always ask. The chl level you posted i assume is fc if so it also to low, it should be at least 3 with your cya level.
hope this helps
Happy swims Frank


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Apr 29, 2008
I agree your ta is to high. You need to figure out a good pump runtime and adjust your percentage from there. I run my pump for 5 hours from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. so I can get the most heat from my solar panels. This gives me 1.75 turnovers.

I had mine set at 50% because it is raining here almost everyday, so much that I had to drain water off the pool. Now my FCL is 5. So I have brought it down to 40%. I am aiming for a FCL of 3-5, no one has noticed a difference in the pool with the increased CL so I will keep the 3-5 range to help combat algae since I am in full sun also. The key is to just keep an eye on the FCL and CCL. I usually test CL and PH every other day and adjust if needed.

Do you use a solar cover? Once I started using one I was able to maintain my temperature and FCL much easier.