Pump replacement & other recommendations


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Sep 12, 2020
Hello forum. I recently purchased a house with an existing pool. I want to give a huge thank you to the forum for getting us started on the right foot. The pool is clear, running well, and levels are good. I was also able to diagnose a ground fault problem and replace the spa light without much fuss. However, I need help beyond the scope of existing topics (specific to my setup).

I just noticed that my pump is leaking. It looks like it may be original to the pool which is 15-20 years old so it’s probably at the end or well past the end of its life. I have an ~11,500 gallon pool with overflow spa. The pump drives the pool and one jet in the spa for overflow in pool mode and drives the spa in spa mode. I have a separate pump for the water feature and a booster for the Polaris. You can see the setup in the picture. The current pump is a single speed 2HP pentair.

1. What would be an appropriate replacement pump? I would be interested in efficiency gains as long as they pay for themselves and don’t impact performance.

2. Does anything need to be replaced along with the pump?

3. The pump is leaking very slowly. How quickly do I have to replace it?

4. What other configuration changes might make sense when replacing a pump? Are there other efficiencies I can build in to what is probably a dated setup?

I have an RS-8 controller with an RS-6 remote panel. All the aux spots on the remote panel are full (pump, blower, cleaner, spa light, pool lights). Thanks!BD5E7ACF-1284-4C90-8B9D-FD9491366BD3.jpeg


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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
Welcome to TFP :)

You have a very nice setup there and we can work with that...

1. Go robot, they are way more efficient and work 100 times better... use your cleaner return port as another return back to the pool by plumbing it together taking out the pipe..

2. go green :) V- green that is.. Your pumps look to be in great shape... at 2hp you could get the 2.7 hp V- green VSP pump and a saltwater rebuild kit and be good to go.. The VSP pump is self contained so you would wire it directly with 240 constant and it turns on by the time you set on the pad... your controller would not control it anymore unless you bought the external controller... You would have to find out if you have a square or round flange...

2A. Brand new intelliflo VSF pump..
Amazon.com : Pentair 011056 : Garden & Outdoor

3. replace that chlorinator with a salt water generator and enjoy the good life :) The Circupool Edge 40 would work great for your setup if you could hook it into one of your controllers to turn it on and off... If you want to stay Pentair the IC40 would also be a great addition...

All these additions would bring your pool into an easy power sipping pool you do not have to throw money at and enjoy it :)


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Sep 12, 2020
Thanks for the reply!

1. The filter pump already returns water to the vacuum jet in the pool. What do I do with the two pipes feeding the booster pump?

Thanks for the pump replacement suggestions. I also have been looking to go SWCG. That old chlorinator is out of service, but I’m already seeing the maintenance hassle of daily / every other day chlorine adds. I need simplicity and time savings.