Pump Priming - Re-Route Suction for Intex


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May 10, 2019
I have an 18' round x 52" deep intex ultra XTR pool. There are 2 suction ports and they are at ~40" from factory. I'm wanting to only put about 26" of water in the pool as I have a 3yo and a 5yo. I know my first option would be to cut (below water level) and install a Hayward SP1023G and then hard plum my intex sand filter pump system. Unfortunately, I'm not brave enough to cut into my $700 pool yet. Since the walls are structural I'm worried about the hole tearing under the water pressure. Do the experts agree?

With that said, I'm look at 2 options.
Option 1: Hard plumb my intex sand filter and pump with a 1.5" sch 40 line that goes over the wall of the pool and then down into the water. I would put a tee at the highest point and a check valve at the lowest point down in the water. I would pour water into the tee to fill up the pump and the lines with water and then cap off the tee. This should prime the pump and I'm assuming things would operate normally at this point. Does anything see a problem with this? The line would be about 1.5' about water level.

Option 2: Sell my intex pump and purchase a self-priming pool pump with sand filter, and pump similiar as above but wouldn't need the tee or the check valve theoretically as it should self prime. Thoughts?

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Welcome! :wave: I suppose there are a couple way to achieve your objective. You could try something as you noted above in Opt 1, or maybe even find an elbow and adapter that you could attach from inside at the original suction location and just go down from there below the 30" mark. I'm going to re-title your thread in hopes of grabbing more views from AGP owners, and also ping our experts @InyoMatt @InyoRob to see what they think.