Pump power consumption


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May 29, 2012
I recently bought a T.E.D. (The Energy Detective) It's a device consists of three parts: a Measuring Transmitting Unit, which taps directly into your home’s circuit-breaker wiring; a pair of Current Transformers, which are clamped around the thick power cables coming into your home; and a Receiving Unit Display, which plugs into a wall outlet and displays real-time power usage in kilowatts — as well as dollars and cents. Anyway....

I just wanted to post the energy usage of the new 2 speed motor that I bought, because I thought it might help somebody in the future.

Motor: Pentair 356630S 2 speed 1-1/2 HP Motor Rated 3.0 amps on low and 8 amps on high
(It's my understanding this motor is used on the WFDS-4 Pool Pump Pentair Pump) I'm using it on a SuperFlo pump wet end.

Measured with T.E.D.

On Low Speed: 400 watts

On High Speed: 1,900 watts

A few examples below, the 2100 watts was the old single speed motor that I replaced. I should be saving around $55 per month with the new motor even with my low electric rates.

Hopefully this helps somebody in the future when upgrading or replacing a failed motor.



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Jun 5, 2012
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Thanks for posting these results, ZSK. T.E.D. seems to be pretty accurate since your results are about what we would expect to see in terms of energy usage in this situation.


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May 19, 2010
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Good info. We usually state that low speed moves 1/2 the water for 1/4 the cost ... looks like in your case is is nearly down to 1/5 the cost.