Pump off for a week while on vacation and came home to a clear pool


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Sep 11, 2017
We just got back from a week-long vacation. Before we left, we got the pool up to shock level, put our old mesh safety cover on, and turned the pump off so we wouldn't have to worry about the pool while we were gone. Since the pump was off for 7 days, temperatures had been in the lower 90s, we received a lot of rain, and no chlorine had been added, we figured that we would come home to a swamp. I am happy to report that putting the mesh safety cover on was worth the effort because our water appears to be completely clear! I just did a test of the water after running the pump for 2 hours and FC is 9, CC is 0, PH is 7.8, and CYA is 50, so it was still above target level. Since the pump hasn't been on for a week, do I need to get the pool back up to shock level or would this be a waste of chlorine since CC appears to be 0? Would it be beneficial to increase the chlorine level and run the pump with the pool covered for a day or so before taking the cover off?
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