Pump not working - what do I do while waiting for it to be fixed

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Mar 5, 2013
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We had the exterior of our house painted this week. On Wednesday one of the painters dropped a ladder, I think that's what it was, on my pool equipment. It broke one of the couplers that holds the salt water generator in place and broke a valve on the outlow side of the SWG. The painter is having it fixed but in the meantime I can't run my pump to circulate and clean my water and to replenish the chlorine via the SWG. The damage is such that when the pump is running water just flows out of the broken actuator valve. In the attached photo the red arrows point to where the damage is.

What can I do while the painter is arranging to have this fixed? He's got a guy to do the work but that guy is "looking for the parts." So it may be today. It may be tomorrow. I'm playing hard ball with the painter but in the meantime...

What can I do to try to prevent an algae bloom and other horrible scenarios I haven't thought of? It is going to be in the low 90s this weekend and I'm worried.



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Aug 28, 2012
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You can pour in about 3/4 - 1 gal of 8.25% bleach...I have a submersible pump that I use to pump out water when it rains 10 inches...you can buy one for $99 and put into your pool...when you add the CL, pour it in all over the pool in little applications across the entire pool - this will disperse it better...

when repairing the PVC/Valves, make sure it's a qualified licensed plumber and not his weekend friend. Make sure the same type of parts are used that were broken..if not, get it fixed yourself and deduct from his invoice - keep all receipts...good luck - tstex

PS - they advertise that black water-proofing pipe wrap, but if it's at a valve joint, it may be hard to do
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