Pump not running and some other questions


Jul 26, 2020
Hi. Thanks for reading. Tonight I let out my dog and noticed air bubbling out of one of the returns, the vacuum was not moving, and none of the other returns were pushing out water.
I turned off the system and cleaned out the pump basket and felt around for any other debris. I primed the pump and turned the system on. Still no pressure.

I have a single speed motor. It was replaced about less than a year ago. The seal looked good and was replaced at the same time. The sand filter is probably older than me. I don’t know much about the equipment- brand, age, etc because none of that information was passed on to me as the homeowner.
I’m probably going to call someone in to look at it But I am curious to know what you think it might be. In case it’s a few days before someone comes out...any recommendations for upkeep and maintenance? Thanks

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So the pump comes on, but does not move any water through its basket (under the clear lid)? This just started happening right? First thing I would check is for a partial clog. If you usually pull water from that cleaner, try to check water flow from other sources. Leave the cleaner off but try to pull water from only the pool side skimmer or main drain if you have one. You might also check the pump impeller. With pump OFF, remove the clear lid and reach down into the hole were water goes into the pump. There's a round disc-like item that should turn relatively freely (impeller). Sometimes junk gets wrapped around that and can't move water. Start there and let us know if you get any results. If not, post a pic of your equipment pad.
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