Pump Not Priming


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Jul 11, 2019
Old pool, new owners: We have a separate main drain and skimmer line that we divert the water as needed. About a week ago the skimmer line got clogged (pine trees galore around the pool.) We got the clog out and it started functioning again.

Two nights ago the pump was priming for about 5 minutes (both main drain and skimmer line open) and then just stopped. Now no water is being sucked in from either line and the pump is just making a terrible grinding noise. Checked the impeller and no debris clog there. Could it have something to do with the filter being dirty (sand) or is that totally unrelated. Can't really backwash right now because no water is coming in.

Any suggestions on what it could be?



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Sounds like you have a pump problem.

I would open up that Jandy valve and check it is not clogged. I think it is unlikely both skimmer and main drain lines are clogged.

Filter should not cause this.