Pump not priming on pool side done a lot of trouble shooting now out of ideas


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May 6, 2020
Good Morning,

This is kind of my last hope here. About 3 weeks ago my pool line side stopped priming. I've learned a lot about our pool over the course of time and so I tried many things.
We also have a pool company, but at this point, I feel they are just guessing, We have an issue with a lot of these spiky balls from the trees sometimes getting into the filter.
Once it took me about 1 week to flush them out of the line.
  1. Cleaned the filter
  2. Cleaned the pump
  3. Hyrdo Flushed both lines, for hours
  4. Had the line C02 flushed
  5. Spa pressure is fine (so no issue with the pump) (also its a new pump from 6 months ago)
  6. Had a pressure test conducted (why the didn't do leak test at same time n clue) but the pressure was steady
  7. I've tried snaking the line from the filter
  8. I've hydro flushed it every other day (with a water bladder canvas)
  9. I think the pull guy even poured some muratic down there
I'm not sure where to go from here, I suspect I may have 2 big leave or other clogs in the mainline that just keep working back against each other.
I've attached a short video and an image of the system. I was thinking maybe there is something clogging the heater line...

Thank you in advance. I just don't know what to do anymore and neither does anyone else.

The heat is on the bottom - and the pipe spa valve is on the top right.I currently have it set midway so I'm using the spa to at least circulate water.
of course, this drains the spa sometimes.

Video link
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Mar 29, 2020
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Was the hydro flush with a bladder type device? How was the flow
during flushing? Did you flushing in reverse?
Using a snake on pool lines from what I have read here
usually do not get through the entire line due to the elbows.


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May 6, 2020
Thank you for your responses.

At the black elbow joint on the pump line side (top right) I opened that up on the poolside and flushed from that point, several times.
Do you mean the one I circled in black, I have not looked in this line . But I believe the spaw would cycle through that so I would see a pressure issue there in spaw (Which I don't)
Not sure if you were able to see the attached video at the end you can see where it's trying to prime,


I'm using a pretty good hero flush, it worked in the past. It's one of the $60 dollar ones, not the cheap rubber one. It's made of canvas.
I get a lot of decentpressure from it.

Or forgot to mention someone did CO2 blow the line out as well...

Pulls from both I believe.

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Yes, I was referring to the 3-way in front of the pump that you were turing in the video, but it sounds like you already confirmed that as clear. As for water suction, so you do have both? A skimmer and main drain? But no way to seperate the two I guess? Does your skimmer have two holes in the bottom with a diverter disk over it?
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