Pump & motor problem


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Mar 14, 2009
My two speed pump on my three year old tub began making bearing noises. Removed it and found the pump had been leaking at shaft seal and the motor bearing was rusty and some balls had fallen out. Otherwise motor seems OK.

Pump has no identifying marks. Pump outlet ID = 2-5/16". Motor is a Marathon with no HP specified. Calculation based on the plate 230V, 12/3.9A, yields 2760 Watts = 3.7 HP.

Tub is an Infinity (now bankrupt) bought through Costco.

I'm thinking I probably should get a new wet end for the pump and replace both motor bearings. Don't expect to be able to replace the (no brand) pump seal.

Any suggestions/comments about my plans?

Suggestions about a good brand pump and on line source for it?