Pump Motor And Timer Troubleshooting


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Apr 1, 2017
St Petersburg, FL
I have a Franklin Electric 1081 pool pump motor and a T104 Timer. I used the manual override switch to turn my pump on yesterday and I heard a pop from the motor and a small puff of smoke from the rear of it. Everything went dead. I have power going into the timer from the fuse panel but the timer gears are quiet and not turning and the motor also does not run. I never tripped a breaker. I checked the motor and the shaft turns freely. I replaced the capacitor and still nothing. My guess is maybe a timer issue. I did look at it closely and noticed one of the brass switch contacts on the back looks melted a bit. From what I am explaining is this a simple fix? I'm including a photo of the contact switch. Also, to be sure I did not fry both the timer and motor is there a way to test the motor alone with a plug and power?

contacts6.jpgcontact 2.jpg


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Mar 2, 2011
If you saw smoke, the motor is gone. Probably going to need a motor and timer.

What is the voltage coming into the timer?