Pump making popping sound and burnt smell

May 16, 2018
Mullica Hill, NJ
Hi All-

First time poster. I pulled off my pump today to clean out the impeller. When I installed it and turned it on I hear a popping noise followed by a burning smell. Do you all have any ideas what might be causing this?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a video:

Pump - YouTube

Texas Splash

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Hello and welcome! :wave: I can't open that link from the computer I'm at, but for safety's sake, and until someone else can help you, turn power off to that pump. Without seeing the video, it sounds like some water may have crossed over from the wet end to the dry end, perhaps via the shaft seal from the work you did? Not sure, but definitely don't let it continue to operate like that. Someone else should reply shortly to assist you.