pump leaks at times


New member
Apr 16, 2010
i have an intex pool with swg and aquaquick sand filter i cant remme the size of the pump 1/4th or 1/3rd HP its the larger one. anyhow i never had any problems that weren't rectified buy some reoutine maintenance. but lately i've been coming home to my pump running ( its on a timer) and its got water coming out from around the ring i unplug it and re plug it and all is well. i add some water and then salt ( usually) and the next day or so bang its doing it all over again. i took it apart and put a thin film of petrolium jelly on the gasket and replaced everything and it seamed to hold and seal up pretty good. im just leaving the pump on 24hrs a day. anyone have any idea why its doing that?

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