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May 12, 2008
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Our setup for our new inground vinyl (16X32, Not sure of gallons??) comes with a 1hp Hayward Pump. I have heard alot about getting a 2-speed pump instead of just a 1 speed to help save on electricity,,,,which I am all for....

My question is this, if I do get a 2 speed pump, do I still need a 1hp, or should I look to get something like a 1.5 hp to have the extra juice on the low setting? OR will a 1hp w/ 2 speeds be sufficient? I have seen posts mentioning a Hayward Northstar 1.5hp 2 speed. Would tha be good for our size pool?

Also, we are wanting to add a small waterfall water feature later on, will this same "main" pump work for that, or will we need to get yet another pump?? (1 for pool - 1 for Polaris 280 - 1 for waterfall ??)

I also have read alot of posts about automatic pumps or variable pumps ? like intelliflo that I think is Pentair? but does Hayward make something equivalent? what about others?




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Apr 4, 2007
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Normally you don't upsize when going with a 2-speed pump. The idea is that the lower speed can handle your circulation and filtration at a lower cost per gallon of water than the higher speed, while you still have the high speed for cleaning or recovery from very dirty water. Since you have a booster pump for your cleaner, you don't need extra pump for cleaning.

The flow required for a waterfall is very specific to the particular installation. It would be hard to guess at your pump requirements. Most waterfalls need almost constant circulation to avoid pools of unsanitized water.


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May 7, 2007
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Hayward makes the TriStar Energy Solutionâ„¢ Variable Speed Pump & Control. It is new this season. I haven't heard of anyone who actually has one. There is also Ikeric.