Pump hanging from plumbing..or.. equipment pad subsiding


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Mar 20, 2017
DFW - Plano, TX
Noticed a while back that equipment pad is subsiding in the front where the pump is plumbed. I added some shims to hopefully help take the weight off pvc. Hoping it stops subsiding. Not sure I want to tackle leveling pad just yet. So, I notice there are some notches in the pump stand that seem to be cut-outs for attaching feet, or threaded studs, to secure the base. Has anyone ran across any 'adjustable feet' for the purpose of leveling?


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Jun 16, 2019
I quick google and amazon search turned up nothing for pump feet or leveling feet. For the short term you are on the right track. Use shims or if it gets worse, use plywood or cut a board to size. If the pad is sinking it is probably doing it slowly. It could have been installed wrong but also may be water runoff either softening the ground or eroding under the pad. Check for anything that could be flooding the area like gutter downspouts. When I drain my filter it pours out right next to the pad so that could be a cause as well. In the meantime support the pump the best you can to relieve the stress to the pipes.