Pump for new Solar Panels


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Jul 7, 2020
We setup our new Intex 18 x 9 x 52 Ultra XTR last week and thanks to these forums, were able to get it installed level and correct. Everything has been great... except the water is a bit cold. Tried using a solar cover for a few days but hasn't seemed to make much difference. We live in Northern California. I decided to go ahead and order solar panels, the Fafco ones 4 x 20 - two of them. It's probably a bit much for our size pool, but our yard is somewhat shaded and also I wouldn't mind the water getting hot, I think. My plan is to put up 4x4 wood posts at the corners of the pool and build a frame overhead for the solar panels to sit on.

We are using the 1200 gph Intex pump that comes with it. I think that works out to 0.25 hp - which I suspect won't be strong enough to move the water up overhead. We also have the SWG hooked up to this.

First question is, seems like I should have at least a 1HP Pump, correct?
Second question, can i install a second pump in addition to the one we have? My thinking is to go with some thing like below, which doesn't have a filter. I would install it as such: Water goes from pool to Intex filter and pump to SWG, then into the new unfiltered pump which would push the water up to the roof, to the solar panels, then back down to the pool.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Putting two pumps in series will not work. The second pump will not have sufficient water flow and likely cavitate.

Use one pump that can properly flow the water through your equipment.

@mas985 ideas?


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May 3, 2007
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Are you certain your current pump will not work? How high will the panels be relative to the pump. What is the exact pump model number?
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Jul 7, 2020
ok, I'm willing to try it with the small pump just to see. If not then will just replace with another pump.
This model, 1200-gph