Pump Considerations for Power Flo LX 1.5 replacement


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I had a Power Flo LX 1.5 hp blow off the flex PVC last year and flooded the motor. After a few days it started and finished out the season but very noisy to the point where I think it annoys the neighbors. I have a Hayward Dream line S190TSCP sand filter that takes 175 lbs of sand and a design flow rate of 45GPM. I have Zeo Sand and Pea Pebbles with no issues. The Dreamline was a private label brand Hayward did for pool stores.

I cannot find specs about gpm and amps, but was looking to replace my pump for a new one and have some questions.

My pump is about 3 feet from the pool and PVC'd in with the exception of the flex PVC, before I did PVC I blew out several hoses maybe due to pressure and I think I have back pressure due to aqualiminator light.

Is the 1.5 too big for the filter, I don't know how to read the flow rates.
I was considering a PowerFlo Matrix and that is where my questions are mostly.
The Matrix looks about the same size as my LX so I think I could swap it right in without having to redo my pipes other than the union.
Would a 2 speed matrix be a good option? I don't know how much it saves and how to switch it. One concern is I have not seen any 2 speeds with Twist Lock Plugs. I have to have twist lock to be compliant plus that is how my timer is wired.
If I do go with a matrix would 1.5 be good or should I go down to 1?

Then there is pentair optiflo, I have not priced them but was looking, I could repipe that side if need be pretty easily. My pool is open April- Late Sept and I run my filter about 6 hours a day with no issues.

Other option I considered was just upgrade to a cartridge or DE but I have had no issues so far.



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Ok, here is a game changer. My power company is offering a $150 rebate for a multi speed pump and $400 for a variable speed pump. They have a list of models. I am just not sure on the sizing as to whether 1.5 is too large. Other option is get a whole new filter setup but not sure if the rebate would cover a pump/filter or just the pump motor.