Pump connection problem


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Aug 4, 2021
Peterborough ontario
Hello - new user here.

I'm in the middle of replacing a pump and am stuck :-(

My old pump is a Hayward 1HP Superpump installed in 2012. The pump body has 2" inlet/outlets, which I'm told is non-standard for a 1HP pump.

I purchased a brand new 1HP Superpump, and only after removing the old pump, realized that the new pump has 1.5" outlets and will not connect to the existing pipes.

I've googled extensively for adapters that will convert 2" to 1.5" but can only find ones that go the other way (i.e. convert 1.5" pipes to 2" inlets).

If someone can post a link to a specific adapter that will do the job, I would really appreciate it!

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