Pump bad after replacing 15months ago?


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Jul 31, 2018
Albemarle, NC
We bought our house 2.5 yrs ago. Our inground pool wasnt used for years before we bought. Complete cleaning, new liner, salt system, and replaced the pump motor 15months ago that was starting to make some noise(exact replacement). The bearing is starting to go bad.... when it kicks on from the freeze timer I can hear it inside the house. We bought the pump from INYO pools and its out of warranty. Pressure is usually around 12psi so nothing over taxing on the pump. We bought a AO Smith 1hp and a tune up kit/seal when I replaced it. The local pool store said I need an inline anode and that would help. Any suggestions/thoughts?


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Jul 3, 2013
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Get a saltwater or SCS seal kit and new bearing.. Tear it apart and replace now before it gets so bad you can not... It is not the PSI it is the seal leaking and letting saltwater into the pump and bearings.. I bet there is water under the pump all the time.. I also bet your seal kit was a PS or VG series...


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