Pump and Filter Distance from AGP


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May 29, 2018
Farmington, AR
So.. after digging my trench and measuring out my pad for the pump and filter, my dear wife decided the 'equipment' is too much of a eyesore! UGH..

I will be using a Pentair SuperFlo 1HP Dual Speed Pool Pump 230v, Hayward S244T Pro Series 24" (300lb) sand filter.

What is a safe distance to locate the pool equipment without running into issues? The high side of the yard is about six inches above where the bottom of the pool will be.


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You can place the pad away from the pool. There is no safe/unsafe distance to decide if it is too far. Think of where you want the pad. How far from the pool will it be? You could go 50 feet away before I even consider doing any calculations.
As long as the pump will be below water level, you should be OK.
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Apr 29, 2016
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Even with 1.5" PVC you could mount that pump a long distance from the pool. 2" will be less restrictive but the real world gains will be insignificant especially when the pump is running on low speed.

The pump suction line will always be flooded because your pump will below the level of the skimmer, so your suction loss will be minimal as the pump is starting with positive head.

Don't forget if you move the equipment pad far away from the pool electrical code still requires at least one 20amp GFCI protected outlet be installed no closer than 5ft and no greater than 20ft from the pool wall. With AGP's this outlet is typically located on the equipment pad. Since you are moving the pad you will need to make sure there is a proper outlet nearby in another location.
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