Pumice Stone


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Jul 21, 2018
Richmond, TX
Ok I feel really dumb here. I am trying to clean tiles at the water line which seem to have a calcium buildup. I am using a pumice stone that I purchased at Home Depot in the pool chemical section. As I am rubbing off the buildup, the pumice stone is dissolving and going into the water. Also little pieces of the stone are breaking off and falling in. Is this supposed to happen? Am I doing something that will damage my filter or pump?

Rocket J Squirrel

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Jun 7, 2018
Alamo, CA
That’s what pumice does. If you continue to use it, I recommend having a hand-held self-contained vacuum (like a PoolBlaster) around to suck up the pumice powder.


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Mar 5, 2017
Palm Desert, CA
That’s totally normal. Usually the local 99 cent store has sales of pumice stone and I buy loads of it as for bad calcium buildup, I’d burn thru a stick of pumice in 3-4 tiles. The filter picks it up, and it’s kinda like DE, so it’s fine.
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