PSI for Hayward DE 2420


Jul 1, 2020
Revere, Massachusetts
So now that I have my pool crystal clear and chemically balanced. I have questions about the filter/backwashing. So after cleaning the entire filter my PSI tends to stay between 10-12 (closure to 12). I noticed today (5 days later) it's at a 14. I was just wondering the average rate of a PSI and how long it takes to raise. I guess I just want to make sure I am within normal range. I"m probably just being a worry-wart, but i'm going through all my firsts. My grids are in good shape, but I think next year I am going to invest in new ones. I've been around the bend with this pool. I went from having it green and having my shock interact with copper! All that is finally solved and now I am ready to enjoy it! I just wanted to make sure I am on track with the PSI situation.