Protect Coverstar auto cover


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Sep 1, 2016
Yakima, WA
We have had our first winter with the pool closed, and the vinyl auto cover held up to the elements just fine. At install, the builder said the cover should last ten to fifteen years. I'd be super happy if I could push that out farther.

Coverstar literature says to put nothing on it to treat the vinyl. I asked the builder what do we do in the real world? He said Aerospace 303 protectant.

So... what does the TFP community say?

Obviously the cover spools up and the wet underside touches the treated topside, then rolls back out again so there could be some contamination in the water. I would make sure that any application would be completely dry before opening the cover.

Amazon has a quart squirt bottle for $20, and a gallon jug for $50. I would go with the gallon and transfer it to a pump sprayer to be able to reach out to the center of the pool. Anybody doing this, and seen a better deal?



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Jul 16, 2012
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IIRC I used dish detergent and a brush on a handle to scrub it after two or three years. Then applied that Aerospace 303 protectant - good stuff. I will do it again this year. One gallon will cover 2 or 3 applications. Yeah, just let it dry then the extent that it transfers to the water will be completely inconsequential in relation to your water volume. I paid right around that.