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Aug 2, 2020
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Hello All! So excited to start this thread after finding this site! There is sooooo much information here, I'm really trying to take it all in and learn as much as I can.
This will be our 1st pool! We are planning to build February 2021, and have received quotes from several builders in our area. I'm attaching pics and specs(pool quote) of our favorite. There are still some details we are undecided about.....we would appreciate your thoughts/suggestions. Example, pool depth we have two sons ages 2 and 4. We were thinking 3.5feet-5feet-4feet, but after reading I think the 3.5 may be to shallow and we might even want the center to be a little deeper for the boys to jump into in the future. Builder is recommending Xtreme Pebble Blend or Xtreme ultra mini aggregate Micro Fusion for the interior finish. Builder also recommends ozone, but after reading suggestions here we will go with a SWG. Builder uses Hayward, working on getting model numbers. Should we put the water features on there own pump? Since we are not getting a spa do we really need automation?

Any feedback, thoughts, advice, suggestions are all welcomed!!! Thank you in advance!Brobbey1_015.jpgBrobbey1_014.jpgBrobbey1_012.jpgBrobbey1_010.jpgBrobbey1_001.jpg


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Welcome to TFP.. :thumleft:

If you are going with a sports pool, then I'd go with 4 x 6, x 4...

I would go with standard wall returns rather than QuikCirc In Floor Returns.. which appears to me to be just the normal in floor cleaning system.. This makes the pool plumbing more complex than it needs to be, more costly, and reeks of the 1970's. Did you ask for an IFCS or is this the builder's idea? Wall returns will give you better skimming action.

Make sure your SWCG is at least 2 x the volume of the pool. As an example, a 20K pool needs a cell rate for at least 40K gallons.

Good call on getting rid of the Ozone..

38' long is a good lap pool.. The problem I see is that on the right side you'd keep swimming into the stairs..

Almost no one "needs" automation, even with a spa.. It just makes the pool more fun for people like me. I don't have an integrated spa and you'd have to beat me with a stick to remove my automation system..

If you don't have automation, then adding a waterfall pump makes sense, as all you would need to do is flip a switch to turn the waterfall on and off..

I don't see a waterfall in your pics.. If you are planning a "rock" waterfall, be aware that there is a very small difference between a great looking water fall, and a large pile of rocks at the end of your pool.. :( A rock waterfall needs to have the right background to make it look like it is supposed to be there.


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Aug 2, 2020
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Thanks for the welcome and all your input Jim!:)

-Yea that is the depth we are leaning towards.

-We did not ask for IFCS, builder stated they would automatically do QuikCirc at no added cost because thats' what they found "works well". We were told that QuikCirc along with Ozone would keep the pool "pretty darn clean since we don't have any large trees in our yard and save energy". We were originally just planning for a robot, builder is saying that won't even be necessary....guess we need to do more research and ask more questions about this!

-rather have the salt instead of ozone, will be sure to at least double volume of pool

-good point about the stairs....maybe we can flip the location of the tanning ledge and stairs🤔

-Makes sense about automation, I would be fine with just flipping a switch instead for now, but is we add heater/chiller in future it might be nice to have, and also nice to control lights

-The back raised wall is suppose to have 3 water features (port fountains, scuppers, or sheer descents) haven't finalized which yet and the tanning ledge 2 bubblers


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May 20, 2020
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Howdy fellow Texan and neighbor, Welcome to TFP
You have a very nice, simple design which is great.
I like the sundeck and you as well as kids will enjoy that.
I have a 5.5ft deep pool and definitely would not go any shallower than that for a deep part. Mine is 3.5 to 5.5 to 4ft with the 5.5ft in the center of the pool. Some like this design (we do) and others prefer a traditional deep end to shallow end. Its your preference.
Have both your skimmers plumbed independently back to the equipment pad.
I personally like having a separate pump for the water feature as it provides a backup circulation system if ever your main pump goes down and you cannot repair it immediately. Also, you can run your water feature without your main pool pump on or having to move valves to divert flow. Regardless, have valves on each water feature so you can control flow to each or isolate either without affecting the others.
With regard to your steps and swim lane - you could consider having steps from your sundeck into the pool and open up that long-side for swim lane - just an option if you wish to consider having a full length swim lane.


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Jun 11, 2018
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Congrats on getting a pool and welcome to TFP!
You have come to the right place to learn about building a pool and taking care of it.

Pool looks good though I would consider moving the steps if you want to be able to do full laps w/o them in the way. Also, I would get a separate pump for your water features. I feel like most pools are built this way. Automation may not be necessary, but it sure is nice. I have it and I wouldn’t want a pool w/o one. It nice to be able to check on it when I’m not home. That’s definitely your call. Also be a SWG is a must in my opinion. It’s so much more convenient than lugging jugs of bleach everyday. Be sure you get a light over your equipment pad. It really does come in handy. Also, get yourself a robot cleaner. They really are the best. Good luck with your build!


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Aug 2, 2020
Richmond, TX
Mine is 3.5 to 5.5 to 4ft with the 5.5ft in the center of the pool. Some like this design (we do)
Thanks HermanTX!
yes we are planning a sport pool with deepest part in the center like yours
- Will make note to have skimmers plumbed independently
- Good point for having the water features on a separate pump and valves for each feature!
-still thinking about the step situation...