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Jul 7, 2010
We paid over $1400USD for a custom made BBQ / Grill Outdoor Kitchen Island from This product is so poorly made it could never be used for its intended purpose. The grill island is supposed to hold a 100 pound builtin bbq/grill head. It was made so poorly it would not support 1 pound, that is the fact, I can lift it with three fingers. It was made of plastic, which would melt when the bbq was in use.

Production Contractors will not discuss my concerns with me, as they will not return any of my phone calls or emails to discuss return/reimbursement/product defects/workmanship.

I posted only a few pictures but they give you a sense of poorly manufactured product and product misrepresentation, this truly falls under under what the FTC calls “Implied Warranties” but the merchant is unwilling to discuss this with me and I have left them countless opportunities to review this with me.

Here is the facts:

April 21, 2010 we ordered an outdoor grill island with this company. We have dozens of emails where we discussed how this would be built for us. We agreed on options, colors, size and shipping arrangements. We issued a cheque to the company that was cashed in early May. They were supposed to take two weeks to build this. It was finally shipped to Tonawana, NY on June 29. I picked it up the same day and quickly found out it was made of corrugated plastic cardboard. I didn't know what to do, I carefully and slowly towed it home on my truck/trailer, scared it would blow away or fall apart. I have left dozens of phone calls and dozens of emails to this company, urging them to call me to discuss the following concerns:

1) the walls are made of plastic cardboard. Walls have to be fireproof to meet codes in all states/provinces. That is why they should have been made of backerboard/wonderboard/cement board.
2) various dimensions are incorrect. ie: Fridge cutout area is too big
3) the grill cutout area has no supports to hold the grill, this is the whole purpose of the product
4) Missing pieces for the door handles
5) Stucco application is terrible, uneven, missing in spots, discolored areas, broken away, sprayed overtop of the tile kickboard.
6) Countertop grout is cracked, poorly applied, missing in areas
7) The countertop was cut and was not chamfered, so you can cut yourself just putting your hand on the edge.
8) The tiled edge is not straight, they are stuck on crooked.
9) Countertop was put overtop of corrugated plastic and this should be cement board or cement layer.
10) The frame is not fastened together in many spots
11) The so-called walls are not attached to the frame in many spots
12) The frame is bent in 3 locations
13) The so-called walls are a mess. A big bulge in one sport, two spots are caved in, holes in two other spots.
14) Kickboard tile is broken off and in another spot it is concaved (should be straight).
15) The transition pieces are 3" too short to be of any use.
16) One section of the wall was pieced together and thus has a joint that is showing, where it could have been done with one piece..just poor workmanship
17) The interior of the double door area was supposed to be lined and isn't.
18) The interior of the fridge area was supposed to be lined and isn't.
19) The grill cutout area supposed to be lined and isn't.
20) Material used for walls will melt/start on fire when the BBQ is used.

I have sent this company an email stating all of these concerns and asked them to contact me. They did open the email. They said I should contact the shipping company about the damages. I replied that my concerns are about their product misrepresentation & poor workmanship. I told them that 95% of the concerns noted are a manufacturing issue, not a shipping problem.

They have never again responded or called me to discuss this further. I have called them every hour for the past 3 days, and I mean every hour. They never pick up their phone or return any phone calls/emails.

This company has misrepresented the product, it would never support the weight of my BBQ/Grill head. They had a piece of paper attached for the shipping company that said "Attention - This is Delicate". An outdoor kitchen island is not supposed to be "Delicate" it stays outside all year long, in all kinds of weather. This product will fly away in a good wind and the walls ripped off in the lightest wind/rain/snow.

We have been waiting for months for our new outdoor grill island and when it came in, we cried. This is so far from usable for the intended purpose, so poorly put together, inappropriate/wrong materials used, wrong could not even think of repairing it. We have no option but to seek full refund.



Jul 7, 2010
Thanks all for some feedback...

So, when I put this order in I had a deep conversation with Rich H. at Production Contractors Inc about paying with credit vs cash. They stopped accepting cc pmts on custom orders because, now I see why, people charged them back thru their credit card company. I work for a cc company, I totally get that I had a recourse if cc was used, but they didn't accept it. I checked them out, called their bank, check out BBB, credit bureaus and they had no problem. I did take that chance, as the conversations we had with them were all good...well, guess what...NOT...

BBB, did that last week...called their newspaper, city manager, chamber of commerce, their bank , filed on Ripoff Report, Complainsboard, FTC...calling the Rockwall Police tomorrow and will continue to blog my case on sites like this, in hopes that I can prevent another consumer from being ripped off by these fraudsters.


Jul 7, 2010
Just read another consumer got ripped off from Production Contractors Inc.... see the bottom of my post for this poor fellow...he posted a video on UTube.. ... 53410.html

I've reached out to him, will get him to inform the FTC, BBB and other parties so that these consumer complaints build up and the government steps in. Also, I'm talking to a lawyer in Dallas, wanted to see if we should go towards a Class Action Suit for all ripped off consumers or stick with Small Claims Court for own case...either way, this is the route we are proceeding on. Interesting fact from the Texan lawyer...I can go after the cost of the item, all expenses incurred for pursuing my case...and up to 3 times that amount for mental anguish.... so his choice not to return our calls to work out a mutual agreement is going to be real costly now.


Just know that a win in small claims court does not guarantee payment :evil: You still have to collect the money, which is a whole 'nother story!

If they have a store, with a cash register, you can have the Sheriff/Marshall/Police do a "till tap". They will take everything (checks, cash, change) out of the register until they have enough to satisfy your amount. They charge for the service, but you get that back as well in the till tap. The best scenario would be to not have to go this route, and second would be that they would have enough in the tap the first time. Otherwise they might catch on to you and try to "hide" the money.

Good luck!


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Jun 12, 2010
NE Ohio
Wow...that is horrible - sorry that you got scammed but it's good to have a heads-up.

I looked at the video the other guy posted and have to say the last bit where the fireplace just folded over had me chuckling...I guess he made his point!
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