Product to reduce CYA?


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May 30, 2007
South Carolina
We have a member who needs to get her CYA down (from 100 to 50-ish) and is unable to drain because of a water ban.

Isn't there a product for this? If yes, what is it, is it any good, & what is the appx cost?



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Apr 1, 2007
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Evan (I think) is more familiar with it than I am but....

1. It's really expensive and...

2. It doesn't work well at all....there's some limitations on the ppm that Evan posted but I can't remember

Anyway, I'm familiar with the thread. I thought Atlanta would be off the restriction by now. Our reservoirs up here are filled to capacity and I'm pretty sure we were as bad as Atlanta this summer.

Her situation is another example of how insidious pucks are.




Don't waste your money on it. One of the developers (and president of one of the product companies that distributes it) told me face to face that is is OK if you need to drop the CYA by about 20 ppm or less. He said if you need to drop it more than that drain and refill. This is right from the horses mouth, so to speak!