Problems with TFTest


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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When I joined, I sent a DM to the ADMIN enquiring about the relationship because I have not heard of TFT kits and with the name being very similar to TFP, it raised a flag. I received a prompt and clear response. So I immediately knew the relationship - nothing hidden. I did research on K-2006 vs. TF-100 and found the TF-100 was by far a better value when you compare volumes, number of tests and hardware included.
I did later purchase separately the color comparator (called the Taylor 2000 series comparator) that comes in the K-2006 box because it has 6 graduations on the pH scale vs. 5 on the comparator that is in the Taylor K-1000 kit that is included in the TF-100 overall kit. This also led me to find that the CYA test tube in the TF-100 kit is much easier to use than the one that is on the 2000 comparator (IMO).
So I did the research and have recommended the TF-100 because of personal use and I see the value it brings - especially if you are just starting off. Also, if you contribute to TFP you get a triple benefit. You are helping the forum, you potentially get some tax savings if you itemize deductions and you obtain some savings on your purchase from TFT Kits with the discount offered by TFT kits on a contribution to TFP.
Furthermore, I did have an issue with a pH meter from TFT and discussed directly with them and received a full refund - no hesitation on their part to make it right. There have also been many threads on use of pH meters on this site and many recommend other mfg. pH meters over the one offered by TFT. I did not see anyone hesitant to make their views on what they felt was a better pH meter.
Also recently, there was a discussion on volume markings on the vials supplied by TFT. It seemed to be resolved when the right people got onto the thread.
You can also purchase directly from Taylor Technologies if you wish - you do not have to go to Amazon. They do charge shipping and you have the option of purchasing any size reagent bottle based on your need - they list them as A (0.75oz, C (2oz), D (4 oz), E (16 oz), F (32 oz) and G (128 oz- 1 GAL) so take note of that if you order. Hence K-2006C is a kit with 2oz bottles

Suggest each do their own research and purchase where you derive the most value.