Problem with the filter losing water thru the backwash outle


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Mar 21, 2009
Lower West Michigan
The way my filter is set up the backwash outlet goes directly into a pvc pip that goes underground into a drainage tile which takes the water to the front yard and ultimately in the street if it does not get absorbed into the ground so I never really see the water. That seems a little different than what most people do but that is the way it was when I moved in and it works.

I was losing water for a while and just recently found two leaks in the pipes and fixed those. I also got ambitious and decided to change the sand in the filter. All went well until I got the thing put back together.

I was rinsing the filter and realized I did not have the backwash pipe connected all the way. Other than spraying water all over no big deal. I switched the pump off and the filter over to "filter" and noticed water was still pouring out of the backwash outlet. I don’t know if it was doing that for a long time because of the other leaks.

I am assuming that is not normal behavior for the filter. Is there a way to fix this without replacing the whole filter head? Could this be something I did wrong when I changed the filter? For now I simply stuck a plug in the backwash outlet. When I need to backwash I will simply hook the pipe back up but I would like to have a more long term fix.

My filter is a Sta-Rite Cristal-Flo T-240BP-1