Problem with my flow switch


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Jun 1, 2010
I think I am having a problem with my flow switch for my aqua Rite, I saw in a post here that you can by-pass the switch to make sure if you have a problem or not, Can some tell me hoe to by-pass it Please..

Thank you



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Apr 20, 2008
NW Florida
The flowmeter completes a circuit. A phone jack will work to make a "pigtail". Just jump the two center wires together (please double check: look at the socket. Should only be two contacts for the center wires). Works very well to troubleshoot. If your SWG is only powered when the pump is on, say through your timer, you might use instead of flowmeter. However, if your pump siezes and the power stays on, you will have toxic gas buildup.
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