Problem with a StaRite pump


Jun 29, 2010
Frankfort, IL
Good evening everyone.

I am having an odd problem with my pool pump and it seems it started over the weekend when we had some pretty severe weather.

After the weather cleared up I was continuously tripping my circuit for the pool when it was operating. If I unplugged the pool and had my pump i use to drain the pool running everything was fine, but as soon as i plugged in the pool pump the circuit would trip.

I figured perhaps some water seeped into a junction box or something, so I let everything sit for about 24 hours to dry out. Now the problem is I plug the pump in and it starts and runs fine, for about five minute but then it appears it overheats and shuts off. I say overheats because the motor is extremely hot after it shuts off and can be touched for just a second before burning yourself. It has a burnt grease smell emitting from it. The circuit breaker is not being tripped any longer, but the pump overheats.

Could it still be a wiring issue on the outlet the pump is plugged in to? I am kind of handy so I was considering taking everything out and tightening up my wires to check for loose connections. I unfortunately don't own an electrical meter any longer but I may be able to borrow one, but not quite sure what I should look for as i am handy, but not an electrician :)

Or is there a problem with the motor itself? If I let the motor cool down, which takes an hour or two, it will start up again,run for about ten minutes, and then overheat again. I obviously don't want to keep doing this because I will probably just damage it further. Could it be a blown seal?

The model of the pump is a StaRite JWPA5E7L-2A1.

Any thoughts?


New member
Aug 19, 2011
I noticed your post was from last year, but while googling I saw your post.

I am having the same exact problems, with the eact same motor model, the motor runs fine when it is dry outside, but when we have a heavy rain and the next morning I go to turn on the pump/motor it throws my breaker switch an I have to wait for a few hours for it dry out. then reset the breaker and off we go.. But today the motor was running this morning and it just stopped sometime during the day and just won't go on at all now.
Did you end up finding out that the motor just finally went and have it replaced ?