Problem w/ Cl level----Question for Waterbear


Mar 19, 2008
Cl reading has dropped to 0.5!

Pool has been running great for a couple of weeks. I had this same problem back then and ya'll convinced me it must be algae, even though nothing was visible. I shocked it then and got it lined out w/ no problems.
I turned the output on the SWG back down to about 10% (small 6500 gal screened pool). Usually that is ample to keep a consistent level w/ warm temperatures.

This AM the Cl is down again. Water is crystal clear, pool is clean, and no signs of algae.

My question to Waterbear...... I have high CH and you told me about a product called O-ace-sis Calcium Reducer. I just realized that BOTH times I had this Cl drop was the day after adding this product. Is there anything in it that could eat up the Cl OR give me a false reading?




Very probably. Something that will remove scale stains would most likely contain a reducing agent (anti oxidant) and that would cause a temporary drop in FC in much the was that ascorbic acid used in metal stain treatments does. if this effect lasts for mor than a day I would add chlorine to the pool.