Problem is a little diff from mredd01


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Jan 10, 2010
This is my first winter with a pool. Mine is a 18x33. I closed my pool last fall and lowered the level below the skimmer. My pool store said it was ok to leave the solar cover on the pool so it is under the winter cover.

Like mredd01 I am in the Atlanta area. I just checked the pool and atleast the top few inches of the water is frozen. It may all be frozen as I have a temp probe in the bottom of the pool and today it reads 32 degrees.

I believe the pump and filter are ok. My question is, should I expect problems with the liner or the outside skin from freezing expansion?


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Mar 29, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!!

While I wouldn't leave the solar cover on, I doubt it makes a huge difference.

To relieve your mind, the pools and liners are made to withstand a winter freezing :) Even if the whole pool freezes, you have room at the top to allow for most of the ice expansion, and the walls and liner will accommodate the rest :cool:

When the weather permits, you might well think about getting any leaves and all but ~1" of the water off the winter cover - it'll help with opening the pool come spring :-D

When it comes time to open the pool, we'll help advise the proper way to do it :goodjob:


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Jan 10, 2010
Thanks, Ted. I keep the winter cover clear of leaves and water. I haven't figured out a way to pump off the ice. Ha!

It's supposed to warm up this week, so maybe the ice will melt and I can do some further inspections.

I'll be sure to check the forum when I'm ready to open.

Thanks, again.