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Jul 28, 2010
Montreal, Canada
Hi guys, just wanted to get an opinion on the closing of my pool

This is the firt time I do it and so far I have balance the water chemistry, drained the water about 8 inches below skimmer, put a winter cover, removed all equipment and put in my basement.

The pool store near my house told me to put this sort of styrofoam tube (4 feet long, about 1 inch diameter) down the drain and put 4 litres of antifreeze, then put a styrofoam cut-out of the skimmer into the skimmer.

the problem is that I cant seem to to this styrofoam tube in the drain more than 2 feet, it's very cheaply made, so as soon as I need to push it down with a little presure, it bends and twist..

is the tube really necesary, can I just put antifreeze and thats it

by the way I live in montreal, so it's Dang cold in the winter

thanks for your help


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Apr 4, 2009
Do you happent to have pics of your set-up? Typically you can just remove all the hoses from the skimmer and return fittings.

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Jun 22, 2009
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You could blow out the drain then fill it with antifreeze or you could just stick the tube into the drain and pour the antifreeze through it till you see it come out the other end.
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