Probably a stupid question....


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Apr 19, 2014
I'm putting in a variable speed Pentair (replacing whisperflow with intelliflo)...

I have a compool analog controller.

The instructions for the intelliflo are to hook the pump up directly to the power, and let the controller on the pump do the work of control. Obviously that hoses up the whole compool control because you now have to manually go out to the pump (its a ways away from my jacuzzi) and turn it on manually if you want to run the jacuzzi.

My question is this... why could you not run the power to the pump of the programmable compool circuit and just set the pump run time (on the pump built in controller) to run 24X7? That would always have the pump 'on' at the pump so that when the compool circuit switched on the pump would actually start working.

Any input appreciated...I know the Pentair manual says to hook it up direct but I'm looking for the 'why' part of that.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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May 7, 2007
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The IntelliFlo VS can certainly be used with an external timer. You don't program any of the internal timers, and it will resume the speed it had last time when it is turned on again. The only real issue, which isn't necessarily a problem, is that the external timer can't change the pump speed, you can only do that manually, when using this approach. I'm not sure about the VF.