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I just had to do a vinyl liner change on my pool. In the past I have used pristine blue. I have never really had any problems with pristine in the past except for a few times I had an issue with high phosphates. I have read about others having issues with pristine blue. I go to my pool store every 2 weeks to have my water analyzed. I travel frequently so am not at home to test daily. I have probably at least a seasons (maybe 2) worth of pristine blue. Since I have never had major issues with Pristine should I go ahead and do the startup with Pristine? Or would you recommend me switching to something else at this point? Also what is your recommendation as far as covering or not covering a pool for winter?? Its a short winter here and I am unsure which way would be most cost effective... I have brand new liner and pump and was going to get a brand new filter at the start of next season.
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Jun 7, 2011
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Since you asked here, no, we would suggest changing to our method-TFPC (trouble Free Pool care). Pristine is a gimmick and we prefer Chlorine. There are many, many threads here on PB, but I would suggest checking out Pool School, start with the ABC's of pool chems and go from there. What we teach here is fundamental, and very easy once you learn some very basic stuff.

It really is simple, and you can still manage your pool even if you travel. One of the side benefits, is that it is quiet inexpensive, and very often more economical than other commonly practiced methods. Here, it is about knowledge instead of products or magic bullets. Read, and ask questions as you have them. We are all about sharing, helping and educating fellow pool owners.


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Jun 23, 2013
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Pristine Blue:, PristineBlue.pdf

It is a copper based algaecide. Not recommended to use on this site although copper is an effective algaecide it will generally give you more problems than you want with chlorine such as staining and turning hair green.
I imagine since you havent had any problems with the product, then you havent had sufficient chlorine in your pool. Have you been using chlorine?

If you do put it in your pool then then only way to get rid of it would be to drain and refill.