Prices given for “quality” tools by local business opening pool


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May 8, 2019
Fishers, IN
Hello, all. I mentioned this the other day, but I’m having someone open my pool next week. He is charging $300 for the opening and to give me the rundown on my equipment and how it all works.

In addition to that, he also listed some “quality” equipment that I should buy. He didn’t give brands, but he said that these are tools, whereas a store like Walmart sells toys. I don’t have any problem buying from him, but I am curious if these prices seem about right for quality tools as well as if I actually need these things:

Vinyl Vacuum head 40$
35 foot vac hose 45$
Leaf Rake 30$
Leaf trap 150$
Leaf skimmer 30$
16 ft pole 40$

How does that all look?



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Jun 20, 2013
Northeast Arkansas
Those prices are probably reasonable for a pool store markup. I try to support my local pool store and have them open/close and buy accessories from them. Mine charges 300 for the opening labor, which is a good deal to me. Try to keep them from adding magic bottle fixes upon opening, which is where the price gets driven up significantly.
I live in a small town and want to support local business; it can be a balancing act to do that.